Equal Value

Pleasure Evolution is proud to facilitate many events.  These range from communication workshops, classes in meditation or alternative lifestyles, to fully sex permissive events.  Our events can be anywhere from free to upwards of hundreds of dollars.  One thing that has come under question is our pricing practices at events, specifically charging everyone the same amount, no matter their gender.  While we do offer a small discount for Groups that register together (Couples, Triads and Polycules), we believe that everyone should pay the same.


Why Everyone Pays the Same

Because women are not bait. When a bar or social event offers women free entrance or lower prices for women, it is to encourage female participation and entice men to come to meet them.  ‘Ladies’ nights’ are coming under fire more and more across the country for being discriminatory and demeaning. While some women might see it as a way to get to go places for less, what’s happening is you’re being used as bait. Lured into an establishment on the promise of spending less money or getting more drinks, you’re being treated as a commodity.  Men on average spend more money on alcohol than women, they consume more, and because of tradition, buy women drinks more often than women buy men drinks.  The social lubricant becomes booze-induced bad decisions waiting to happen, but that’s another post.

A Woman’s Right to be Sexual

Too often in our society women’s sexuality suffers under a double standard.  While men have for centuries accepted paying for sex, erotic entertainment and the like, women are not that comfortable.  At Pleasure Evolution we have core values, and among these are that there is a healing power in erotic expression. We believe these values hold for all the genders and orientations and that is reflected in our events and teachings. We believe in accepting our sexuality, our appetites and these desires; that we are empowered and emboldened to be more complete and therefore authentic people. A woman pays to get her nails done, her hair cut, she might even get a massage. But allow herself the gift of professional sensual touch, or a lap dance from a sexy guy, or attending an erotic event? Oh noo! Here is the truth, you get out of anything what you put in. We price all our tickets the same, because ladies, you can afford it! More than that, you deserve more than a cut-rate connection to your crotch. You are not the lure to get men to attend, and you are not a victim in need of a discount to claim your sexuality.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Tell us your thoughts, and comment below.





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