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Hello there Rebekah. I wanted to thank you for the tools you’ve given me through your book. I’ve been able give and receive more passion and intimacy than I ever thought possible.


Sexual Authenticity™ = The ability to be genuine and true to oneself as an erotic being.

Sexual Authenticity™ is knowing who you are as an erotic being and embodying it with confidence and enthusiasm; without shame, fear or anxiety.

Having a satisfying sex life is less common than you think

Most people go through life copying the sexual behaviors and values of the people around them. This is such an ingrained concept, that many people don’t even know they are doing it.

But you see the effects. Life seems blah and unfulfilling. You either don’t have a partner, or you feel disconnected from the one you have. You feel separate from your own body, and your self- talk is negative.

You are someone who is ready for more fulfillment.

Most likely you have already achieved a certain measure of success in your life, and sex is your next frontier. You are discovering desires you didn’t know you had, for kinky play, ethical non-monogamy, or variety in your gender expression.

Sex Coaching is for more than fixing dysfunction. I only work with people who are ready to be fully self-expressed in the world.

Your sexuality is the vehicle, and empowerment is the destination.

Once you’ve begun embracing and embodying your True Self you’ll find a new confidence and courage. When you find the voice to speak your truth about this most tender of subjects, other areas in life seem easier to tackle. And this isn’t limited to the bedroom or your sex life. This new, stronger self esteem will be present throughout your life. You can take it to the board room, the playing field, on stage, among your friends and into your personal relationships.


Why Sex and Intimacy Coaching?

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it.” That’s why we all sometimes need a coach, or mentor, or cheerleader. Someone who has our highest good always in sight. Someone who sees and believes in our capacity for pleasure, joy and fulfillment. Someone who has had to walk their own talk to enjoy a sensually gratified life and can guide us. I can be that person for you.

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