About Rebekah

I am Rebekah Beneteau and I am here on this planet to embody Bliss and help others do the same.

How I got here is a twisty path. I grew up in New York City in the sixties and seventies. It was the era of sex, drugs and rock & roll, and the birth of Women’s Lib.

I was a beautiful outgoing child. In every home movie, I’m singing and dancing. I played softball, and I took ballet. I was smart. (I still am!)

When I was 8 years old, and adult man did sexual things to me. My pictures and movies after that are not so joyful. After many years of working on myself, I know now that a part of me went underground on that summer day. I believed it wasn’t safe to be visible, much less attractive. I started thinking that my only value in the world was as a sex object. By my teen years, sex became the coin of the realm, and I traded it to buy love, attention and safety. Sex was something to be good at for other people, not something to enjoy myself.

I wasn’t happy. I drank too much. I went to the University of Pennsylvania, and got a BA in English and Creative Writing, but mostly I majored in Bloomers, an all-female comedy troupe.

Fast forward to my thirties, and I have given up drinking, and drugs. I am now in training at a four-year school for energy healers, the Barbara Brennan School. An awakening came one night, as my first husband was enthusiastically going at it on top of me, and I was lying there numb. Where had the passion gone? I committed to making my pleasure and my sex life my number one priority. I discovered Lafayette Morehouse  and their research into expanding sexual potential through female orgasm. These are the folks that invented the One Hour Orgasm! In 2013, I trained as a Sacred Intimate under tantra teachers affiliated with Shalom Mountain. In 2014, I received Fem Domme training from Midori. And all this time, I continued to work on myself, and the obstacles and implants that I have to experiencing self-love, the love of another, and GREAT SEX.

I am an ordained non-denominational minister by The Sanctuary of The Beloved church, Sacred Order of Melchidezek. Yep, I can marry, bury, and bless! Other mentors and inspiration along the way have included A Course in Miracles, Esther Hicks/Abraham, Mantak Chia,  Betty Martin, Rudy Ballentine, EFT, Byron Katie, Access Consciousness and other teachers of spiritual and sexual techniques and ideology.

For many years, I had a practice as an energy healer, working on people with physical and mental illness. One day, a client had an orgasm on the table. I heard in my mind “Sexual Arousal is the body’s joy at feeling itself.” I became aware that all healing comes from accessing your life force. And life force is sourced by sexuality. So I became a Sex Coach, devoted to helping people express their Authentic Sexuality.

I have taken the journey i am inviting you into. As I have given myself permission to embrace and embody my Sexual Authenticity, I have had these results:

  • I love my body exactly as it is
  • I am free from shame and inhibition
  • The opinions and judgments of other’s no longer enslave me
  • I know what turns me on, and
  • I can ask for what I desire from a partner
  • I have had wonderful relationships with men and women
  • I walk away from situations and people that no longer serve me
  • I have trained myself to have better orgasms, and from a greater variety of things than I would have thought possible.
  • I have learned how to Say Yes to Pleasure and make that my standard for life.
  • I have learned how to talk to men in a way that they can hear.

I am based in Lutz, Florida, where I am continuing to grow. You can have person sessions with me here, or via phone or webcam anywhere in the world.

The Credentials:

Hands of Light Healer, Graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Access Bars® Facilitator offering sessions and classes
Access Facelift® Practitioner
Access Body Process® Practitioner

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