Lighting Your Fire

The conditioning we have received as female-bodied individuals has left many of us with poor body-image and a distorted connection to our own pleasure. Perhaps you have experienced trauma that makes it difficult to feel sexually free. Simultaneously, the messages (and hormones) drive us to mate.

Through sex coaching, energy healing, and erotic body mapping with me you can find yourself, learn to ask for what you want, and create the intimacy that you long for with yourself and partners.

I work with you body, mind and soul to free you from obstacles and conditioning, heal sexual trauma, and empower you to pursue a healthy and satisfying relationship to your sexuality and anyone you choose to share that with. Sessions may include talk, ritual, energy healing, technique training and Sacred Intimacy*

*Sacred Intimacy is the practice of allowing your erotic energy to flow, and applies to any session involving sensual touch or BDSM

By coaching with me you can:

  • Releasing obsolete conditioning that prevents you from embodying your sexuality
  • Learn new ways of communicating with men
  • Examine your beliefs about the opposite sex in general, your particular man and what it means to be in a relationship
  • Learn about the male psyche and how to understand how he thinks
  • Identify the needs and desires you have for your sex life.
  • Discover inner obstacles to having a gratifying love life, and move through them
  • Releasing and recovering from past sexual trama
  • Get new skills and techniques  for relating to your partner in a way that gets both of your needs, including sexual desires, met,
  • Learn how to ask for what you want from a man and feel truly empowered
  • How to seduce a man into fun
  • What to do about libido imbalance
  • Cultivate your own surrender to pleasure in your relationship
  • How to embody the female quality of radiance
  • Managing your anger
  • Cultivating arousal
  • Explanations and training in successfully navigating polyamory, meeting new romantic and sexual partners
  • Exploration and Training in BDSM techniques if desired
  • Sacred Intimacy and Erotic Body Mapping to help you connect to your body

I am currently available over webcam, as well as in-person in my current location.
I have found that at least six sessions are optimal for making progress. To help you make that commitment to yourself and me, The six-pack is discounted by 10% over single session pricing.

You can also come for three months of intensive focus on you and your goals. Weekly 50 minute or twice a week half hour sessions.

Single Sessions for healing or coaching via webcam or in person - $300 per 50 minute session

Single 50 minute Session for BDSM training or Sacred Intimacy - $350

Access Bars and/or Body Process Six Pack ( a 10% savings over single sessions) - $1620

SI Six Pack (a 10% discount over single session investment - $1890

Get my personalized attention on you and your goals for 6 months, and change your life forever. Imagine if you had me one demand, to help you move from problems to possibilities. From ordinary to extraordinary?

How would it be to wake up ecstatic and enthusiastic about all areas of your life?
is it time to put yourself first?

Sessions can include energy healing, verbal facilitation, Symphony of Possibilities, Sex Coaching, Sexual Technique Training, guided meditation, and more. We identify your unique goals and follow the energy to make them a reality.

This special program has room for only five people – Reserve your spot for an interview now.

You get:

  •  six months of unlimited  sessions, using my calendar to schedule anything from a 15 minute quickie, to an in-depth hour. At only one hour session per week, this program has a value of $7200
  • unlimited e-mail and text coaching when things come up  – value priceless

Your investment 1 payment of $4800 or 6 payments of $850

Ready now? Purchase below and call me to get started.


or six payments of $850