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Last Friday, we had lovely Being Social. I am always so touched to witness how a group of strangers walk in nervous and unsure, and by the end of the evening they are sharing things that not even their oldest friends know.  It’s because we create safety. The structure of the games makes it easier to relax. They are adaptions of a creation of Lafayette Morehouse called a Mark Group, which in turn utilized exercises supposedly from Dianetics. The context is a concept from Shalom Mountain, “Love is an Intention.” In a fun way, we practice the skills of being Loving, and we feel more love. One of the things that is the most fun to watch is seeing how people flower under positive regard. When a woman is shown genuine interest and attention, her smile lights up the room. A man asked questions about his purpose in the world sits up a little straighter.

What Are you Curious About When You Meet Someone New?

At this particular group, the conversation ranged from the sexy and whimsical:

“Do you freeball?”
“Not today.”
“Thank you.”
“What’s freeball?”
“Not wearing underpants.”
“Ohhh, thank you.”

To the deep. Our host’s favorite question is “What was your upbringing like?” and the answers ranged from expressions of gratitude, to the pain of not getting our needs for love and care met. On my hot seat, someone asked me, “How did you become how you are?” (The subtext being that I am sexually free and confident). I really appreciated the opportunity to share where I started and how I grew. You can read all about that HERE.

If you have never been to a Being Social, (Mark Group, In Group, Benchmark, Mama Gena Social, Turn-on, Maxx Group  – these are just some of the similar renditions), I highly recommend it. The important component is a judgment-free zone where you feel safe to reveal who you truly are. Not everyone enjoys the formality and the structure. It isn’t always easy to be seen. It can be challenging to take attention off of oneself long enough to truly take in someone else. If you are longing for more friendship, love and connection in your life, it’s not going to happen sitting on the couch with Netflix. Why not come out and give real life a try?

Being Socials in the Asheville Area
Being Socials in Philadelphia and New York City


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