When I was a kid I was always told, “You have such Potential.” It was usually said by an authority figure telling me I wasn’t living up to expectations, that I had a potential I wasn’t realizing.  These words fell on a deaf child’s ears.  I didn’t understand what they meant, or how to realize the future they saw for me. As an adult of course, if we are lucky, we understand what they meant.

Or do we?

Our Potential isn’t just how much money we can make, or what kind of car we drive.  Our Potential isn’t about the things we own or the attention we get from others.  Our Potential is the reach for more than what we are today. And your reach is limited only by your imagination.  Today’s blog is about your Pleasure Potential.

Sound odd? Maybe. Is it real? Definitely. You can get pleasure from each and every sense, and they are on all the time.  You can derive pleasure from every breath you take, every bite of food and taste on your tongue.  Pleasure can be had from every touch and sound. Every. Single. Time.

But you’re not, are you? No, you aren’t. Why?

Everyone is different, but I offer an educated guess.  It would be difficult if you were going through life in a perpetual state of bliss and near orgasmic physical state.  Driving would be dangerous, swimming would be near impossible, and working at your job would be an epic act of will power.

So in order to get through this thing called LIFE, we actually had to tonedown the attention paid to our body in order to function.  This is most likely a throwback to our ancestors whose mind filtered out everything that wasn’t a threat to our existence so that we could forage for food, avoid predators and find shelter.  But now the world is civilized.  You can take a break in the comfort of your home, safe from danger and the elements.  Now,  you can undo some of the survival habits and start developing your Pleasure Potential.

Find that joy in a breath of fresh air, the smell and taste of your favorite foods. Take time to be seduced by the touch of your velvet pillow, silk clothing or leather upholstery. All of your senses are available to give you pleasure.

Why wait? Seek your Pleasure Potential now.  How? The 21 Day Pleasure Habit, a three week series of emails that will offer you exercises and activities to help bring more Pleasure into your life. That is just the beginning.  There are two easy ways to bring more pleasure into your life.

#1 Do More things that bring you Pleasure.

#2 Get More Pleasure from the things you already do.

The first one is easy, really. Just expand your experiences looking for things that can give you joy and fun. Most people know how to seek out new pleasures.  But how do you get more pleasure from the things you already do? Easy!

  1. Anticipate!  Preparing for pleasure, or looking forward to an event that you will enjoy is a source of great delicious yummyness!
  2. Be Present! When you’re doing something fun, or arousing or pleasurable, be completely present to it, not thinking about or worrying about something else. Enjoy the moment, live in the moment 100%.
  3. Remember or Relive a pleasurable moment. You have this at your disposal at any time. Recall that great food, fantastic sex or thrilling experience and experience pleasure all over again.


So keep reaching, keep stretching your heart; keep testing the waters and exploring your boundaries.  There is no limit to how much pleasure you can have.




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