When Anxiety was Running Me

So I was in the tub this morning, and my brain was going a million miles an hour. Do you know that feeling? The one where you are having conversations with people who aren’t there, trying desperately to figure out how a situation is going to turn out. Or in my case as a recovering control freak, imagining that I can have just the right response or reaction (when said conversation does happen in real life) that will turn circumstances in my favor. I have this preference for pleasure, and therefore am often seeking ways to avoid pain. Here I was, in my luxurious bathtub, and I was anxious. My mind was like a box of ferrets, thoughts scrambling over each other, clawing for my attention.

Natural Anti- Anxiety Cures?

One of the things I do when I find myself experiencing an unpleasant emotion is to lean into it and really explore it. But no time for that today, and that’s the subject of another blog post. Instead, I decided to start singing. Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. Instantly, my mood lifted. I forgot my worries. I’ve been taught that you can’t actually hold two opposing emotions simultaneously. So instead of trying to avoid my anxiety, I decided to insert some joy into my moment. I also got more present to my body and slowed down to enjoy the feeling of the warm water, and the loofah caressing my skin.

This came automatically, and it wasn’t until afterward that I realized these and 19 other “life hacks” are part of the 21 Day Pleasure Habit, our free program. In it, you are encouraged to do a quick exercise that we provide via e-mail each day for three weeks. At the end, you will find yourself with more joy, creativity and self-love. AND 21 small things you can do when you find yourself down, preoccupied, or facing anything less that joy.


Anyone want a nice box of imaginary ferrets?

Pleasurably Yours,


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