Dealing with Family

So there I was, sleeping in my childhood bedroom. The memories were thick in the air. In fact, I had the curious sensation of time bleeding. It was like I could see shadows of the past and future overlaid upon the present. In the past, my crotch always went totally to sleep being around my family. Not this time. I was able to hold onto my joy, and the life force in my body. I went to visit my mother in the rehab facility where she was recovering from a fall, and I was able to be joyous and have fun. I was who I wanted to be around my family, whether they saw it or not.

There will always be people in our lives who see us as they choose to, NOT as who and what we really are. I grew up with a lot of negativity and criticism. I know they thought that was the way to get me to be better, more appropriate, more successful somehow. Ugh. And then I went on to be critical of myself. I was always judging, and looking to fix what was wrong with me. I don’t let myself do this anymore. Judging oneself is the greatest evil there is. Whenever I hear those voices, I use my tools to get out of it.

So, my family isn’t very interested in me. It doesn’t have to be significant. You don’t have to conform to the expectations of others. Are you the black sheep in your family? I’m the family weirdo. Nobody understands what I do. And it’s finally okay. I don’t let their inattention make me invisible. I’m visible to myself.

This week’s Turned on Tuesday – Tools for Living a Turned on Life was all about this. Check it out. And if you want more of this, sign up for the free membership, and join us twice a month on zoom for more conversations and facilitation.

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