Why the High Levels of Energy?

All I can say is WOW! The energy this fall is intense. If you tune in you can feel it. Surely you have noticed it’s effects. Are you feeling extra turned on, or extra irritable? Are the people around you blowing up and blowing out? How about more road kill?  Everywhere I look, there are dead possums. And before you ask if they’re pretending, the spilled intestines are a dead give away that they flung themselves into the path of oncoming vehicles. In my personal circles and in the news, suicides both threatened and accomplished. It’s not just you, and it’s not just this year.

There’s a reason the World Trade Center attacks happened in September. Mother Earth goes through energetic cycles of expansion and contraction just like women. In humans, it corresponds to our menstrual (or heat) cycles. During ovulation, we are fertile, the energy of beginnings is surging, we are alluring to promote fertilization. Did you know that a study proved men heard women’s voices as more appealing when they were ovulating? This is Spring, and we experience that energy as refreshing, flowers blooming gently. It prompts us to get out and try new things, clean house, go outdoors. It is the Yin aspect of the Feminine, like Lakshmi, abundant, receptive, wet.

In Fall, the energy is more like menstruation. Our bodies are shedding, preparing themselves for a fallow time. We expel that which is not needed. there’s lots to do and we cut to the chase. There is a correspondence to the Yang aspect of the feminine, in Hindu pantheon, Kali. Outside, rich and loamy, the earth is getting ready for winter. The trees are ready to burst, their fruit and nuts falling ripe to the ground. The energy is more like a hunger than an invitation. the women are the ones sensing the energy most strongly, and the men are feeling the restlessness and not knowing why, because they naturally respond to women.

Time to Channel Your Energy!

If you are experiencing this Fall heat cycle as particularly challenging, it’s time to channel the energy into things that excite and nurture you. You can use the impetus of the energy to shed old habits, people and things that no longer feed your soul. Go after the things you have been wanting. Know that people who have less access to spiritual support and resources are probably going crazy! Repeat to yourself, “Not my circus, Not my monkeys.” Be kind, and also know that they are responsible for their own experiences. Hang up the phone when the talk begins to drag you down.  Go out and exercise, have sex (with a friend or yourself), or take a bath.

By mid-November, the energy surge will have dwindled down, and we can enjoy the hibernation and contemplation of of Winter. The pain is in the resistance. Ladies, seize the moment to step into your power. Try new things, get on top!

Fall Energy is Running Rampant. Use it!


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