Would You Be as Hard on Anyone Else as You are on Yourself?

I’m back doing weekly lives, and you’re invited! today I talked about moving beyond self-judgment, including giving several tools you can use to silence and eradicate the voices in our heads.

  1. Become aware. It’s the secret voices that we are trying to ignore that run us the most. Become willing to to recognize all the stories you have been making up about how shitty you are.
  2. Stop believing them! Use the Access Consciousness© tool Interesting Point of View to loosen the grip these judgments have on you. What if they weren’t True, just an interesting, and therefore changeable point of view
  3. Return to Senders anything that doesn’t serve you, they are just what other people told you to try and control you
  4. Start your day with a request that you be kind to yourself
  5. Make a list of things you do that make you feel nurtured and loved. You can refer to this list to replace the judgments with a behavior that will build you up.

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