My business mentor,  Christine Kane, created a tool for setting your intention called Word of the Year.  Since I am such a good do-bee, I sat down this morning to do mine. (I’ll give y0u the link later in this post). There were several words, artistically arranged for me to choose from.  I wrote down several that resonated for me, intending to narrow down the list. My mind chose things like forgiveness, abundance, health, patience. I am in the habit of listening to my soul so I went into meditation to choose my real word. And lo and behold, I got commitment. I didn’t want that word, but I couldn’t shake it.  The rest of the worksheet takes you through questions about how you are already embodying your word, and where you aren’t.

What I got to is that I have dropped the ball on commitments to myself.  I haven’t been taking the kind of care of my body that would lead to the outcomes of health and fitness that I say I want.  I am committed to my business, but sometime I get scared, and shy, and I hold back from reaching out to people, or heaven forbid, sending an extra e-mail to my list! The definition of commitment is “a pledge, promise, or obligation.” Although I have no problem with promises, I have negative charge on the word obligation, and so I have sometimes run from commitment. The word also means involvement or engagement.  I believe my soul chose this word so that I would become engaged to myself.  To treat myself like you would a beloved.  And it is clear to me, that from that place of self-love and nurturance, the confidence and energy to be involved with my business ,and my clients and my friends, etc. will flow easily.

To get the Word of the Year Tool for Yourself, click here.

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