What Would You Really Enjoy Receiving?

It’s the time of year for massive gift giving. Having received one too many gifts that were not to my taste at all, I am a huge fan of the Ask List. It’s a list that I make and post somewhere in my house where people (especially husbands) can see it. The list is things that I am asking the Universe for. I am open to them showing up however they do. I add to it as I see new things I would like to have.

On the list, I put all kinds of things that I am asking for, from experiences to actual things. I put the exact thing, and the size, and where to buy it. I even put the things that seem impossible right now, along wtih the ones that appear easy or attainable.

Ask and you shall receive is one of the primary laws of the Universe. Just today I was remembering that in 1993, I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico to open a new Hard Rock Cafe. At the end of an exhausting day, i was sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean, and I thought, “this is how I’d like to live.”

And now I am, here in Mexico. Luckily, I now manifest most of my desires more rapidly than 30 years, however it all starts with the ASK. Then you have to be willing to receive. If you ask for money, and then you get a job offer doing something you never considered, are you open to receiving that money, or do you try to control how your asks show up? I have had things on my ASK list that guests have seen and said, “I have that and I’m not using it. Would you like it?”

You don’t always have to pay for everything, or earn it. You just have to ASK! And after you receive it, it really helps to be grateful. If you ask for $20,000 a month and $10,000 shows up, do you berate yourself for missing the goal, or congratulate yourself on shooting for the target and making progress?

You will  notice that many of the items on my list are not stuff. Because usually we want the stuff because we think it will allow us to feel a certain way. Could you ask for the energy that you desire in your life, and then choose that state of being regardless of what’s going on? Also an excellent exercise. I encourage you to start your ASK list today.

So what’s on my List? Here are some of the things.

A beautiful, nurturing home of my own with a view of the ocean, and access to a beach

To travel the world facilitating workshops (Happening, more please!)

To have more than enough money, and ease with it at all times

A red silk la perla nightgown size xl

A Tree of Life in beige robe and nightgown from La Perla size xl

Quality time with my children and close friends

New salsa dance shoes size 8 that are sexy looking AND comfortable (gift card would be best for these)

Easy to wash sundresses in soft silky fabrics size M

High end bras in 36D and matching panties xl or size 8.

A Sona vibrator from Lelo

A lover that is a best friend, fun to be with, great in bed, makes me laugh, makes me money and that I’m grateful to be with

Right Voice for You (one of many Access classes I’d love to take)

A trip to the Maldives

A trip to London

To have my money in investments that make money

To always have my own back

To be aware and in allowance at all times

A luxury convertible either Mercedes, or rolls royce

You get the drift. This exercise works new thought muscles. It could bring up anywhere you won’t ask for what you desire, or block yourself from even knowing what it is, because you don’t know how you are going to get it. Longing for something and never seeing it show up is not so much fun, yes? The trick is to savor the wait. Enjoy the hunger for it. Make energetically shopping around for it fun. And then ask the universe. . . .

What energy, space, consciousness and choice can me and my body be today to be congruent with all the things I would like to be, have and do?

And then do the things all day, every day that light you up. That’s it.

If you would like to play with this some more, join me for the 10 Asks a Day Challenge. In 10 days, you will have at least 100 asks, and more tools to play with when resistance or confusion show up. We start on Sunday, December 12th at noon CST with daily Facebook lives, and a group to play in and post your Asks. Wow, I’m getting all tingly thinking about it.

  • full disclosure, some of these links earn me a referral gift.
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