The other day, I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room as Rachel Ray chattered on the big screen tv, mounted behind me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Rachel Ray, she’s vivacious, and a successful female entrepreneur, and I wish I had a fun talk show like hers.  But on Monday, she was extolling the virtues of a product (that shall remain nameless) that makes you look thinner. Basically, it’s like a harness that lifts your control top pantyhose up to just underneath the boob line.Three_Graces_painting_a_Peter_Paul_Rubens_painting set the muffin top fre

Honestly, have we not come any further in fashion than when Scarlet O’Hara got laced into a corset to create a 15” waist? The Suffragettes fought hard for our right to wear bloomers and palazzo pants; free flowing blousy trousers that were airy and comfortable and allowed our crotches to move and breathe.

Then of course our grandmothers took up the girdle, our mothers burned their bras, and now we have joined the cult of Spanx. The pendulum keeps swinging back and forth between flow and constraint, as if we can’t get comfortable with the freedom to let our bodies look like what they look like.

I HATE PANTYHOSE AND “SUPPORT GARMENTS”. Synthetic fabrics like nylon and and polyester inhibit the flow of your energy or chi. They’re also hot  and increase the likelihood of odor in warm moist places. They constrict you where you want your energy flowing, your pelvis and sexuality chakra.  They squeeze you and numb you out, and then we wonder why we have no sexual feelings?  Our genitalia are encased in saran wrap!

The women in the paintings of Rubens would never wear control top pantyhose. Neither would the goddesses of pre-historic times.  I say, rock your curves, love your bulges and let your pussy go free!

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