Hi guys!  Last night on the radio, I got really excited about the idea of going after a big pleasure goal.  If you haven’t listened to the show yet, you can play it by clicking here.  One of the things I was talking about is how much we hate boredom.  Women especially, but everyone hates to be bored.  We’d actually rather be angry, sad or overwhelmed.  And here’s the glum truth, if you are not deliberately creating more fun in your life, you will create default bad.  I’ve seen it, I’ve done it. I did it recently.

So, here’s the invitation.  I’m setting a high level pleasure goal, and I want you to join me in the game. Join me by sharing your own BIG pleasure goal in the comments here.  Keep us posted on what you are doing, and how you are progressing towards your goal. Join me by putting your energy behind my goal. Put your energy behind supporting other people’s goals. Come on out and play.  When a community puts its attention on a goal, it happens way faster.  It’s more fun. Together we can make magic happen!

What do I mean by a big pleasure goal?

Mine is taking a course on deliberate orgasm, to increase my capacity for surrender to pleasure. and I’ll be taking this course with my husband, where he will be trained to take control of my nervous system for our mutual pleasure. It’s big, because I’ve been wanting it for seven years. It’s got a big price tag – $30,000 plus airfare and incidentals. Wow, do you know how scary it was to confess to  you all that I want to spend 30k on having an ever expanding orgasm?  Scary.  However, I am excited about the potential this releases.  Orgasmic energy is life force energy.  I had a vision last year that my sexual pleasure was related to my purpose here on the planet, to infusing others with their own joy and passion, so that we can rebirth the earth.  It’s big.  I’m ready.

My desire is to do this by the summer.  No sooner did I have these thoughts, then I get an e-mail invitation from a business educator, Max Simon, whom I like a lot, who is teaching a FREE 21 day money breakthrough course.  I signed up.  I’m willing to play. Synchronicity and luck are all about recognizing opportunity when it knocks on your door and saying YES!

What are you longing for?  Be bold and dream big. Come with me and play the Deliberate Pleasure Creation Game.

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