Neale Donald Walsh has started a website called The Global Conversation, with the intention of having an alternative to the many conversations that are happening predicting doom and ruin, and promoting negativity in our world.  His invitation today was to get 200 people to post their vision for Sex in our new civilization.  Well, I couldn’t resist.

Here is what I posted:

I once was giving an energy healing when I heard this phrase, “Sexual turn-on is the body’s joy at feeling itself.” In our new civilization, we understand that all sexual expression is a current of joy running from our souls to every cell of our body. We live in total acceptance of the beauty of our bodies. We embrace the things that turn us on, and have no need to shame others for being attracted to different genders, or practices than our own. No government or church gets to dictate what we do with our bodies. We use our sexuality to connect deeply with each other, and to express love. We are able to swim in eros energy with safety and no one feels afraid of being forced to do something against their will. All sexual acts spring from respect for self, and for others, and from the joy that is welling up in our being.Women in particular connect to the joy, rather than the obligation of having sex, and are in control of their no, and increasingly in touch with their Yes.

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