On Sept 12th, the Embodied Sensuality Playshop and Authentic Sexuality Play Party was one of the most gratifying and thankful groups we’ve had yet. Part of the wonderful magic that happens at Play Parties is the forming of tribe or community. We shared a heart space that cannot be easily described, but once felt, could not be denied. During our last party, two equipment malfunctions entertained us. Both a bed and a massage table collapsed.  No one was hurt, but there was no denying the energy of the evening was “off the hook.”

We strive to create a container of safety and enjoyment for all.  Emotions ran high, as people were witness to lifestyles that were not their own. As one lover put it, “…my bubble was expanded, but not broken.” We encourage all who attend to Treat Life like an Experiment. All your experiences are data to be collected so you can better live your life.  We encourage people to follow their desires, free of shame and judgement.  Some came with the intent to play with others; some came to watch, some to find out what all the excitement was about. Too often I am asked, “What’s the gender balance?” “how straight or gay is the party?” or “what are my chances?” This is the wrong mindset for our kind of party.  I recommend coming with no intention other than to connect to other people, and perhaps to learn some skills for being more intimate with your fellow humans.

Sex does happen, and this is a sex positive and a sex permissive party. We not only allow, but also encourage people to explore themselves and their desires during the second half of the party.  Sex does happen, but it’s not the point of the evening.  The point is to explore intimacy and connection with yourself and others.

This last gathering was a perfect example of this.  We often say sex, emotion and intimacy are just like eating at a buffet. It’s ok to leave when you’ve had enough.  Our event is emotionally and physically stimulating, sometimes to the point of overwhelming.  When full, it is ok to leave, and often times people do.  We say if you’re feeling anything emotional or you just need to talk that you can come to us and we can step aside and help you explore whatever you’re feeling. This last party, not only did we have a sweet and open group, but nearly everyone remained to the end.

This is our tribe. These are the people we grew to love and connect with in just a single night.  Some will return to continue this connection, others we may never see again. Each time is different and each time is wonderful.  Thank you all that attended both this time and in the past. I look forward to the next ones coming up in NYC on October 16th and Philadelphia on October 18th.

Pleasurably Yours,

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