I recently watched a Esther Hicks where she channeled her guides Abraham saying, “We don’t care if you get what you want or you don’t.  We party anyway.” I’ve always been a lemonade out of lemons sort of person.  My dad used to say that I could walk into a room full of shit, and I’d go looking for the pony. Lately, when things haven’t been going “my way”,” I’ve been panicked.  I’ve been working harder, and trying to force solutions.  This is not the pleasure goddess way, and it certainly wasn’t working!

In this last week, I’ve developed new strategy.  Put my energy into making sure that my mood is upbeat.  Nothing is as important as guaranteeing that my vibration, as Abraham would call it, is high. This is not so easy as it sounds. There are lots of practices for shifting one’s mental state, and I particularly like the book Ask and It is Given. This is not an argument for putting one’s head in the sand.  Rather it is an acknowledgment that when I am calm, and happy, I am more functional.  I get things done.  I am open to receiving inspiration and insights, and I’m magnetic to the help I need to get through any situation.  At the same time, there are things I need to release, because they no longer serve me.  Obligations that I have taken on that drag me down, and people who leave me feeling worse rather than better have to go. Remaining positive requires constant vigilance to the small subtle things that pollute our mental space.

I think it’s appropriate that I am on this journey for myself.  The first students in my Fast Track to Pleasure Course have started their 21 day journey into cultivating more gratification.  Every day, as they get their pleasure tips via e-mail, I do them too.  If you would like help getting your mind on the right track so that you can party on no matter what’s happening and accomplish your goals with ease and joy, Fast Track has rolling admission.  Start anytime!

Here is an example of me partying on.  As I wrote previously, I had a fender bender necessitating a visit to the garage for my trusty minivan.  At Enterprsie car rental, the clerk offered to upgrade me (for the cost of what my insurance company is covering) to a sports car.  Gleefully, I accepted the keys to a black Camaro.  Every time I fold myself into it, I crack up.  It reminds me of Billy Young in Forest Hills, polishing the hood of his Camaro on a summer’s day with no shirt on while all the high school girls drooled.

How are you going to play no matter what this week? Party On, Garth!

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