We got a new puppy last week.  Really I should say, I got a new puppy, because my family, while affectionate, are only somewhat available for the intense amount of care a puppy needs. The dog trainer says “dogs are simple.  They will repeat actions that bring them pleasurable experiences and shy away from those that bring them negative experiences.”

Guess what?  Men are exactly the same.  They are conditioned to win.  It is their driving force.  If we trained our men with the same commitment and compassion that we train our dogs,we would have a lot more happy relationships. I know that some men rebel against the idea of being “trained.”  Think of it as being given good information instead.  Have you ever had a women who was mad at you but you  couldn’t figure out why? Or worse, that sort of generalized dissatisfaction where it feels like nothing you do is right? Women, men are starving for direction on how they can please us.We teach our dogs to pee outdoors, and stop chewing our shoes, we can educate our men into the kinds of restaurants we like, the touch we desire, everything.

The all important second step in training is the praise.  Dogs will do anything for a hot dog. Men will do anything for acknowledgment and your happiness. So women, don’t be stingy with the gratitude.  When your guy gets it right, praise him until he lets you know he has had enough. If you want to attract a man, look like a woman who can be gratified. To have a man that adores you, have a great life and blame him for it.

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