It’s one week after The Desire Course, and what a week it has been!  In the first place, a big “You Go Girl” to the women who participated in the course.  Watching them come in, all shy and nervous, bond with each other over the course of two days, and then blossom into these radiant, luscious, pleasure seekers was such a thrill. Today in our follow up call, here are some of the victories they reported.

“My joy level is up, I’m appreciating what I’m doing now, so much more, and not worrying about what’s next.”

“I’ve been taking more care of my appearance, eating better, getting out more and meeting more men.  I even flirted with a CUTE young man.”

“The biggest shift has been more awareness of self-care and nurturing, and being pro-active about caring for my body.  Also,I’ve been more assertive in my interactions and I’m getting results.”

One woman keeps saying that she doesn’t know how to explain the workshop to her friends.  How do you explain magic in a couple of sentences?  All I know is what I see.  We come together and create a container of friendship and support.  We play games and do exercise to release all the baggage that stops us from wanting what we want, and silence the voices that say, “You don’t deserve.  It’s not possible.  You can’t want that.”  And then we practice wanting, and asking.  And we dance a lot. And eat chocolate. And reflect back to each other that our deepest desires are our gift to the world.

As for me, I asked for playmates to join me in creating a community of women who are ready to lead from their pleasure.  All of the participants are powerful women, with world-changing visions and gifts.  I am grateful to have gotten my wish. Four days after leading The Desire Course, I attended my Gold Mastermind retreat, part of my participation in Christine Kane’s Uplevel Your Business program. This was a wonderful opportunity to play with even more empowered women.  A totally different experience, I learned more about how to talk about myself, and my work, and got the chance to dream big dreams. Dream number 1?  To teach The Desire Course every three months.  Dream number 2? To lead a five day women’s retreat in Costa Rica some time next year.  Who’s coming with?  Want to dance on the lip of the volcano with me?

Intrigued?  Dream number 1, the next Desire Course is in late January here in Asheville.  We are going to start the new year off with a bang.  Want to join us?  In the meantime, I hope that you are surrounding yourself with people who support your dreams, and who want you to be as big as you can.  When you glimpse the world of infinite possibilities, and have people beside you cheering you on, it is indeed a brand new day.

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