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This past week in Pleasure Evolution’s “In Bed With Rebekah” Rebekah invited the lovely Julia Sotas to chat about her experience as a Facilitator of Access Consciousness, an amazing organization which teaches us that, when faced with difficult questions, a search inward will uncover that we already know the answers.

Julia speaks at length about the gift of receiving, of shedding judgement for people and situations to better learn and grow from them. “Every single thing you have a judgement from, you can’t receive from.” Julia talks about Awareness as an elusive but vital concept, a gift of being mindful toward how we’re feeling and reacting to our surroundings.

Finding Your Voice

Rebekah has plenty of experience fighting to find her inner voice, in relationships and in society as a whole. She said, “I had to be willing to get it wrong. I was so invested in looking right and getting it right and not getting it wrong and measuring up. But that’s all in me. Nobody else can give me a voice.”

Julia talks openly about what it was like to build a relationship with Awareness. J She found that often, instead of accepting and appreciating the gifts her partner was trying to give to her, she would twist them, look for problems where perhaps there were none, and what tools she uses to have freedom and fun in her relationship

When it comes to a healthy relationship, Julia emphasizes, “don’t try to make your partner happy; Try to out-create them.” In the end, while bringing joy to our partners’ lives should always be a priority, we can’t force someone to be happy. They have to choose that for themselves. It’s far more beneficial to support our partners while still focusing on our creativity and productivity, and the things that bring us joy…or, as Rebekah so often puts it, the things that make our panties wet.

They also may, or may not, talk about what makes a pleasurable blow job for all parties. . .

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