Discovering BDSM

This week on In Bed with Rebekah, I – the notorious Ginger Z – joined the conversation from my bedroom in Brooklyn. For the better part of an hour, Rebekah and I discussed trans representation in media, kink-shame, and the various delights and challenges of Sexual Submission.

In this interview, I discuss what led me to pursuing a graduate degree in Sexuality Studies, my own history with shame and desire, and my personal journey toward becoming the sex educator and intimacy coach I wanted to be.  We address the ever-evolving nature of kink, and how, although it is certainly not for everyone, a great deal of tenderness, love, and beauty can be found within a power-exchange dynamic.

My journey as a lifestyle submissive hasn’t always been easy, especially understanding my desires at a young age, but I’m very proud to bring my knowledge to Pleasure Evolution and my own practice.  Understanding what I want and how to achieve it safely is a challenge that faces many young submissives.  Rebekah and I also spoke about the importance of community and acceptance, of combating our feelings of isolation with connection and love. We hope to be bringing a special submissive’s workshop to Pleasure Evolution soon.

In two weeks – Monday 9/29 @1pm – Rebekah will be joined by a special guest, Helen Hillocks, for a conversation about porn and relationships. Join us then, we can’t wait to see you!