A new acquaintance recently said, “Rebekah, I’m really intrigued by what you do, but I can’t talk about my sex life with a stranger.”

I get it.  Most of us weren’t raised in households where candid conversation about sex was the norm.  Not only that, but any kind of pleasure was considered suspect.  We were encouraged to do our chores, do our homework, “because I said so” and it didn’t matter if we enjoyed our lives.

Sex is one of those areas where lots of people think they are doing it wrong. Talking about our sex life with a stranger can make us feel vulnerable, and exposed, because we question whether our deeply held desires, make us too odd, or too hungry to be accepted.

I told this lovely woman that people don’t usually talk to me about their sex lives until they are either in enough pain, or enough longing to break through those cultural and personal taboos. You have to want more pleasure and sensual gratification, and you have to desire it more strongly than you want to maintain the safety of status quo.

Another thing about sex. Our sex lives are an extension of our sensual lives. Our sensual lives are a direct result of our ability to recognize, cultivate and embrace pleasure. When I work with a client, we start with discovering what would gratify her in her environment, in her work life, in her clothes, in her appreciation for her body, in her social life and relationship, and eventually, in the way she is touched and makes love.

My clients tell me that talking to me isn’t like talking to a stranger.  It’s like having an older sister that totally loves and accepts you and knows a lot about sex. I want you to have the authentic sensual life that is true for you.  There is no one size fits all here.  That’s why I have a gift for you.  A half hour to explore where your life gratifies you and where you want more.  Get more clarity on what you want to create in your life and suggestions of resources to further your journey.  Call me today to schedule your Gratified Life Appraisal call.  And if you have a friend who you think would enjoy this kind of support, give her this gift too. I’ll take really good care of her.

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