“Grounding again?” So said my client as I related what I saw was needed in her energy field. Uh huh.  Because this is the nature of growth.  It’s not some linear straight up progression.  The truth is, growth is a spiral dance, weaving it’s way around and up.  Have you noticed how you circle back to the same issues over and over?  We do this, because those are our life work, what we came here to clear. But we aren’t going back again and again to the same place.  Each time, we come around, the pain is not so deep, the work is not so hard.

The energy of all life is like breathing.  There is inspiration, and exhalation.  There is spring and then comes fall.  There is expansion, and there is contraction. You will notice this in your own life, and in your relationships.  One week, you are busy networking, marketing, providing services.  The following week, all you want to do is vision, and write.  When you first meet someone, you spend every minute with them; eventually you want a night at home with a cup of tea alone. Some weeks, I’m filled with turn on and sexual appetite, others, I forget I have a crotch.


Expansion and contraction are naturally occurring and yet we resist.  Whatever stage we are in, we are reluctant to change.  In my experience, when we fight the shift from one state to another, we create pain and discomfort.  Here are a few tips to help you go with the flow.

  1. Pay attention – you will get signals that the energy is shifting. Notice what you feel like. Acknowledge your desires.
  2. Go with the flow – resistance is futile.  It helps to remember that the shift will come again and you will be back into your preferred state, be it expanded or contracted, again soon.
  3. Make use of the gifts – both states have their uses.  Expansion is an outward bound movement, when you are having experiences and gathering data.  During contraction, we get to process and integrate what we learned during expansion.  Then we expand again from this new place. Both are important, and both can be pleasurable if you are in agreement.

Are you ready to expand your capacity for pleasure?  Join me in my Fast Track to Pleasure, a personalized coaching program.

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