Wall Flower

We all know what a wall flower is right?

Wikipedia, that great repository of knowledge, describes it:

“A wallflower is someone with an introverted personality type, but who still seeks out and partakes in social events on a fairly regular basis. They are often socially competent enough to be liked and to attend group gatherings, but may choose or feel the need to blend in and remain silent.”

The term originally was used almost 200 years ago referring to women that stood against the wall during a dance. In today’s world it has come to refer to anyone that attends a social gathering but doesn’t seem to mingle, instead remaining solitary with only minimal interaction. I’ve been there. Few people that know me today can imagine that I was as shy and awkward as I describe myself.  I had planned once to attend a local social group that met monthly at a restaurant.  Over the course of six months I found myself outside the restaurant trying to work up the courage to go in.  A few times I made it right up to the doors, looking in, yearning to be part of something and fearing to make that last few steps.

I’ve changed a lot in the last few years, with personal growth being my biggest hobby.  I once had horrible stage fright that would induce a weak bladder and nausea.  Getting patted down at the airport sent me into a shivering, blubbering mess that kept me in the restroom for 20 minutes.  The few parties I attended were social disasters, or a string of embarrassing moments I’d rather have forgotten. Since those times, I’ve stood on stage and recited erotic poetry, mimed sex, and managed to tell a few off color jokes.  I’ve taught workshops and classes on sex from New York to Atlanta.  Most importantly, I’ve told the people in my life how important they are and what I want.

I’m in my forties now and I’ve managed to ‘Get off the Wall’ and have the life I’ve wanted since I was a kid watching the Fonz being the coolest.  I can now walk into a room as if I owned it and look people in the eye.  I have more friends than I can keep up with and a full social calendar.  Two years ago, I joined Pleasure Evolution and now help people with everything from sex and intimacy to social awkwardness and relationships.  Now I’m reaching out to wall flowers that are wanting more and ready for a change.

Want to change your life? Then Get Off the Wall.

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