Neale Donald Walsch wrote a book called When Everything Changes, Change Everything. As I sit here in my new apartment in Asheville, NC I am embracing that idea in a way I couldn’t when I first read the book.  I used to be one who dreaded change.  Twenty years ago, when my first husband moved in, we had to move my bed out from the wall, so that two people sleeping in it could each get in on their own side.  I cried.  Moving that bed six inches was a big change for me.butterfly

Over the years, I have gotten way more adaptable.  In fact, my resilience in the face of change has become something I’m proud of. I’ve learned that when I hold tightly to what I know, and what I have, my hands are to full to receive new things.  I can’t seize opportunity with an already clenched fist.

I’m in a time of great change.  In the last two weeks, I have moved 600 miles, from a big house to a medium sized apartment. My relationship status has changed, as my husband found his own place (also in Asheville) to pursue living in community. I’ve made some new friends by attending meetings of things I’m interested in, like Toastmasters.  I’m mostly unpacked, but I open every cupboard going, “where did I store the blender?” I still haven’t found the library or the post office.

Instead of my usual dread, I’m embracing opportunity.  Missing my old life occurs more like something I’m “supposed to feel” than an authentic feeling. I’m experiencing spurts of joy and exhilaration. This is a chance to write my life anew, exactly as I want it in this moment. We all have that chance, and you don’t have to move or break up to do it.  What’s one little change you’ve been longing for?  Can you put it into action?  If you don’t, the Universe might kick you in the pants and bring it about for you like it did me!

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