Embodying Sexual Authenticity

Embodying Sexual Authenticity

  • Do you desire to make real changes in how you think about yourself, your body, your sexuality, and your partner?
  • Do you long to fully research and embrace a satisfying erotic life?
  • Are you ready to explore your appetites and desires, to experiment with your arousal and live your passion for life with a romantic partner?

As someone who knows that more is possible, you are not willing to let obstacles stand in the way of full sexual authenticity anymore. You may have a partner, or you may be looking for one, but what we will create together is a strategy for reaching your unique gratified life – not what someone else thinks you should want.

Here is the possibly territory we will cover, using all the modalities at my disposal, including energy work, Access Bars®, spiritual coaching, guided meditation, and communication and sexual techniques.

Together, we can:

  • Releasing obsolete conditioning that prevents you from embodying your sexuality
  • An examination of your beliefs about sex in general, your particular partners and what it means to be in a relationship
  • Identify the needs and desires you have for your sex life.
  • Discover inner obstacles to having a gratifying love life, and move through them
  • Releasing and recovering from past sexual trama
  • Define what could be a healthy frequency, outlook and sexual behavior for you
  • Get new skills and techniques for relating to your partner in a way that gets both of your needs, including sexual desires, met,
  • Learn how to ask for what you want and feel truly empowered
  • What to do about libido imbalance
  • Cultivate your own surrender to pleasure in your relationship
  • Develop tools for navigating your emotions
  • Explanations and training in successfully navigating polyamory, and meeting new romantic and sexual partners
  • Exploration and Training in BDSM techniques if desired

You may work with me in this way one session at a time, with a series of committed sessions, or in a six month program.

Schedule your gratified life discovery session today, to learn if Sexual Authenticity Coaching is right for you.