Gratified Life Discovery Session

Are you Ready to Step Outside the Box?

giftboxDo you want to leave behind the limitations of your childhood conditioning and live a more gratified life? Are there fantasies and longings whispering to you that you don’t know how to act on or introduce to your partner? It can really help to discuss these with someone who knows the territory and will listen with total support and acceptance.

Imagine a life where you are free to be Sexually Authentic and fully expressed. You have the confidence to dress as you wish, love who you desire, and engage intimately in the ways that turn you on.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, I want to give you this gift, thirty minutes, absolutely free, to explore what you are longing for.  To take stock of what is working, and where in your life you want MORE! Want to have alternative sexual expression, more sexual self-confidence, increased female libido or better control of your orgasms and ejaculation? Let’s talk.


Sex Coaching/Energy Healing and Sacred Intimacy sessions are available using all the modalities at my disposal and the GLDS allows us to form a plan on how to help you achieve your goals of being a more sexually satisfied being.

Do you want to be more cherished, more sexually satisfied, and more self-expressed and powerful in the world?  It starts here! This is a free 30 minute call, (45 minutes for couples) where we will discuss what you want more of, and strategies for how to get it. There is no obligation beyond being truthful about yourself.  You can take the call from the comfort of your home, office or even car.

“Thank you beautiful sister goddess. I feel SO empowered and deserving of all the pleasure that is coming to me!! I’m going to ride this delicious wave of fantasy pleasure potentials!!” Linda Y.

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