Spoiler alert: this post contains graphic language and a description of male masturbation technique

What is Edging?

Edging is the process of approaching the point of orgasm or ejaculation and then intentionally stopping sexual stimulation in order to delay the moment of climax.  To be candid, it’s masturbating to just short of cumming and then stopping.

If you’ve never heard of this practice then right now you’re wondering “What?! Why would I stop short of cumming?”  The purpose of edging is to build up to the climax; thereby making the orgasm more intense and satisfying.  Does it work? After an exhaustive search, I could find no evidence made by scientific inquiry regarding edging.  The anecdotal evidence however is positive as to the effects of edging.

I’ll be talking here about the benefits of edging for men. Sexual stimulation in the human male causes the prostate to produce the fluid that combines with sperm from the testicles to form semen.  Sexual stimulation will begin this process.  By edging, you can build up an increase of the fluid that is expelled upon ejaculation.  The prostate makes roughly 30% of the volume of ejaculate so prolonged stimulation without ejaculation can greatly increase your total volume upon climax.

Why Edge?

That was a very dry and boring way of explaining the purpose and result of edging.  To put this more bluntly, edging will make your normal orgasms become SUPER F###ING AWESOME ORGASMS, complete with a bucket load of cum and mind-blowing sensations.

Masturbation is awesome already, but why wouldn’t you want to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of your sex life? (Was that enough puns?)  Edging is for more than just when we love ourselves.  It can also benefit intercourse.  Whether you want a larger volume of ejaculate or delayed cumming to have more time to please your partner, edging is a male masturbation technique that can be a great skill to add to your toolbox.

You know the toolbox, right? That’s where you keep all the sexual tricks and skills you’ve acquired to please and impress your partners. By practicing edging during masturbation, you can build up stamina for longer sexual stimulation. Gaining better control and timing over your orgasms and release is a great way to treat premature ejaculation.

How it’s Done

Your exact techniques may vary depending on your style of masturbation. Handle yourself slowly, focusing more on the shaft than the glans. Your main goal is to track your level of arousal, so that you can stop stimulating yourself BEFORE release. Take time to breathe, and relax. Imagine the energy running out of your genitals and down your legs, or up to your heart. You may even

become completely soft. Now start up again, and once more see how close you can get to ejaculation before stopping again. It’s better to stop too early, than to suddenly find yourself over the edge. Do this as long as you like (or can stand it). If possible, do this for several days before allowing yourself to ejaculate. before allowing yourself complete release. The end result when you do finally ejaculate will have much greater intensity.

It will take some practice, not that it would be unpleasant, and the practice can lead to greater pleasures down the road. You will find over time that you will have a better sense of when and how to slow yourself down, so that when you are with a partner, you will have better stamina. With continued training, you can begin to have full orgasm in your body without ejaculating.

So in honor of May being Masturbation Month, try some edging! Have sex with yourself, then great sex with someone else.

As always, it’s been my pleasures,

-Trevor Jones

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