Where in the World is Rebekah now?

I’m available for in person sessions of verbal facilitation and Energy Modalities, Including Access Bars®, Energetic Facelift™, Abuse Hold, Access Body Processes™, Brennan Healing Science, Symphony of Possibilities, and Sacred Intimacy/Sex Coaching in the cities listed below. If you are interested in scheduling a class or session, use the contact form below. You can also write to me if you are interested in bringing me to your home town. I love to explore new places.

Voyage Into Pleasure Intensives for Individuals and Couples are available world wide.

Sessions of verbal facilitation, Sex Coaching, Including Tantric Breathwork and Sexual Vitality, Brennan Healing Science, and Symphony of Possibilities are always available over webcam.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Los Angeles, California
March 2nd and 3rd (Open to coming early or staying longer)



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