Sacred Intimacy

These individualized sessions are tailored to the needs of the client. All sessions are held in person in the Tampa area of Florida, over webcam, and occasionally in Asheville, New York and Philadelphia.

Through Sacred Intimacy Coaching Sessions you can:

  • Heal the effect of emotional and physical trauma
  • Release shame
  • Deprogram your mind and body from old conditioning
  • Build advanced tools of communication and connection when sharing intimacy
  • Learn new sexual techniques to please your partner
  • Find your pleasure and the language to ask for what you want
  • Learn to receive pleasure

Sacred Intimacy sessions are an opportunity to experience yourself met fully as who you are, including your sexuality. Couples can be seen together.

Activities are tailored to the individuals’ needs and desires and may include:

  • Breathwork
  • Tantric Exercises
  • Energy work
  • Sensory development bodywork
  • Role play/Control and Power Exchange
  • Sensation play
  • Errogenous Zone Body Mapping
  • Food preparation, sharing and/or feeding
  • Shopping trips for clothing and/or sex toys
  • Bathing
  • Massage
  • Couples sexual techniques and communication training
  • Spiritual Ritual
  • Partnered Meditation

I am always guided by my intuition in sessions, and invite you to do the same. In addition, I promise to always give you my authentic yes or no to any request you make, and you are encouraged to do the same. This is an opportunity to be seen and loved without judgment as the brilliance of ALL of who you already are, and then coached into even more of who can become. This is truly Evolution through Pleasure.

Special Pricing available for half-day, full-day, and weekend intensives, both in Florida and in your hometown.

Single Sessions $350 per hour

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Know that my Christmas is filled with pleasurable memories of you helping me awaken to my own sexual energy, to embrace this and to enjoy pleasuring myself today. You have given me the gift that keeps on giving.

With pleasure,