This past weekend, I was at the lovely wedding of John and my former housemate Mary. The ceremony was Quaker style, which meant that the attendees were invited to sit in silence until spirit moved someone, who would then stand up and offer a blessing to the newly joined couple. My blessing is so central to my beliefs about men and women, that I decided I would paraphrase it here. (It will probably sound a little more polished than the actual thing that came out spontaneously.)

My blessing goes out to the Hero and the Goddess which dwells within each of you. John, may you be blessed to always see that Mary is a Goddess. Sometimes Lakshmi, Goddess of Plenty, and sometimes Kali, Goddess of Destruction. In either guise, she is your source for ideas and creativity, the radar that can point you in the direction of your highest growth. Mary, may you always remember that John is your Hero. His greatest longing is to serve you, and all the dragons he slays, he does for you.  Sometimes you may think he should have used the other sword, or imagine that he killed the wrong dragon, it was supposed to be the troll under the bridge. But trust that he chooses to move in the best direction he can to help you to your goals.

Together, you are way more powerful than each alone, and you will do great things in the world. May you always be blessed, through good times and bad, with the eyes to see the Goddess and the Hero in each other, and celebrate.

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