Stopping and Starting in Love and Relationship

It’s been weeks since I made my last episode of the Rebekah Beneteau Show. I don’t know why I stopped. But the longer it went , the harder it seemed to start again. And I had a lot of self-judgment going on about it. This can happen with sex, right? Or dating? In all areas of life, and especially relationship, the longer you’re not doing IT, the more comfortable it gets not doing IT, except for the nagging feeling that it might be really fun if you got back to IT.

So, I told myself it didn’t matter if I never made another video, except that I probably also was refusing all kinds of fun things by not being willing to receive the attention my videos always get. I mean, people tell me all the time that they decided to work with me because so much of my personality shows up.

If we’re not willing to be seen, we can’t complain if the dates are  coming, or the sex ain’t happening. For that matter, being willing to be visible is necessary for the making of money too. What could you choose to start today, that would create an outrageously more pleasurable life for yourself? For me today, it was to forgive myself for stopping, and for not being REGULAR and CONSISTENT. That allowed me to release whatever was in the way, and just start again. Ooh, here’s an idea, what have you made so valuable about being regular and consistent that you can’t actually be authentic and creative? let’s let go of that here and now for all eternity.

And if you like this video, there’s plenty more, and hopefully more to come. Subscribe to my channel, and please comment with your thoughts and share it around. Cause we desire to spread the awareness and the pleasure EVERYWHERE!

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