The Five Benefits of Sexual Intimacy Coaching

By Rebekah Beneteau

“More than anything else, we want to love and be loved.” – Jerry Jud

Sexual Intimacy coaching is designed to help you give voice to this most powerful energy within you. While the focus is on the arena of your sexual expression, the benefits have been proven to ripple out through your entire life. That’s because “how you do anything is how you do everything” If you are rigid or ashamed, unable to identify your own wants or connect to your partner, these mindsets are probably appearing in other areas of your life as well.

Why would someone hire an intimacy coach?

We don’t actually use a bullhorn.

Well, why would you hire a personal trainer at the gym, or a business coach? Because you have goals you want to achieve, and you know that having the guidance and support of someone more knowledgeable than you can greatly improve your chances of success. In the arenas of love, sex and intimacy, we can similarly benefit from skills building and mindset improvement.

Who can benefit from Intimacy Coaching?

Anyone wanting to create deeper connections to themselves, their body, and other people can benefit from intimacy coaching. An intimacy coach may work with only women, only men, both sexes individually and/or couples.  In any case, intimacy starts with your relationship to yourself. Here are some questions to think about:

  • How do I feel about my body?
  • Do I like what I see when I look in the mirror?
  • Do I have shame about sexual feelings, or being naked?
  • Do I know what arouses me?
  • How do I feel when I get aroused?
  • (For men)Do I achieve erections easily and am I satisfied with how long they last?
  • Do I feel entitled to sexual feelings?
  • Do I achieve orgasm with myself?
  • Can I achieve orgasm with others?
  • Is my sexual intimacy fulfilling?
  • Am I able to communicate my needs to my partner and have them fulfilled?

As opposed to a therapist who works with you to unravel the conditioning that has brought you to your current behaviors and understandings, an intimacy coach will help you identify specific goals or outcomes that your desire and then help you create the needed mindset to achieve those goals. Your coach will identify what your strengths and weaknesses are relative to your goals, and help you learn the techniques and skills necessary.  For example, you may have a goal of achieving orgasm more easily. A sexual intimacy coach will help you discover what arouses you, and train you to identify the stages of that arousal so that you can amplify them as part of your training.

Top Five Benefits of Sexual Intimacy Coaching

1) You will Find Your Voice
Here is what one client had to say. . . “While working with Rebekah I have learned much, not the least of which is that she is a tremendous coach.   With regard to specific successes, I became reacquainted with manners of self-touch that had fallen by the wayside.  I discovered for only the second time that soft, delicate touch is incredibly erotic and pleasurable. I also learned to voice my wants and desires, and to frame them in terms of what I need.  And to do so because it’s natural, because I deserve it, and because it is the only way to communicate with my partner.  How else would my partner know these things?  Plus, I deserve to be heard. I learned to give voice to what I don’t want sexually.  This was a big step.  In the past, I would always defer to my partner.  For the first time with Rebekah’s coaching, I gave voice to what I did not want, and it went very well.  Rebekah helped me find my voice sexually.  How’s that for a success? – MaryLou G.

2) Better Sense of Body Image and Self-Love
Claiming one’s right to sexual pleasure starts with feeling that you deserve it. Sexual intimacy coaching will increase your love and appreciation for your body.

3) Relationships Saved or Enhanced
Many couples struggle with libido imbalance, where one partner wants more sex, or a different kind of sex than the other. As they find themselves drifting further apart in the bedroom, the relationship becomes strained and conflicts develop. Learning to negotiate each other’s needs and wants and reconnecting sexually makes communication in all areas easier.

4) Physical Health Improved
Sexual gratification enhances blood flow to all areas of the body, particularly the brain. Regular orgasms can improve memory, circulation, and flexibility. When you find sexual satisfaction, all the mental energy that has been going into trying to get your needs met, will be available for other things like your work, and creative hobbies.

5) Emotional Healing
Sexual intimacy coaching can neurologically repattern your brain and body. Past traumas, heartbreaks, shame and guilt can be lifted through this power process. A good coach will work through your past issues so that you can re-frame them and make new connections to your sexuality.

Imagine yourself fully Sexually Authentic. Your confidence and sense of well-being will infuse all areas of your life. You can become more productive in your business, more healthy in your body, and more focused in your thinking. You will have increased libido, more energy and more joy.


We offer a free half hour Gratified Life Discovery Session to anyone wanting to learn more about how Sexual Intimacy Coaching can help them. Schedule with Rebekah, Trevor or both of us by calling 828-348-4925 or writing to, or


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