One Woman’s Testimonial about the Sensuality Circle and Authentic Sexuality Play Party:

Dear Trevor and Rebekah,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for such an amazing night. The Sensuality and Authentic Play Party certainly changed my life in many ways and opened me up to my sexuality and innermost desires in such a way where I felt comfortable. You provided a great atmosphere in which I felt safe and free from judgement. The hosts and everyone who attended [sic]…were amazing individuals who helped contribute to making the party worth remembering.

Before I attended this party, I was still very naive about sex and all of the sexual experiences I had prior to the party were not the best.

I was always so self-conscious of my body, and did tremble at the idea of being naked in front of anyone. It took a lot just to get me to take my clothes off in front of one person because I always believed I was too fat to be appreciated by a guy because my stomach pokes out a bit and I have a really thick body. I would fear being judged for my belly and because of acne as I had been by sexual partners in the past. Even when I came into the party, I was skeptical about even changing out my street clothes and into a tight dress that defined my body including my stomach, and even more skeptical about stripping and walking around naked. Within five minutes of the start of the Authentic Play Party, however, I was already half-naked.

I came across Pleasure Evolution. The description seemed promising, however, and peeked my interest as it made it clear the party was about more than just sex, but it offered many ways to satisfy your desires and give you the time of your life.

…talking with them and reading the articles provided on the Pleasure Evolution website convinced me both that this was legit and that I would not be forced into anything I didn’t want to. In addition, I had no other expectations other than hopes that I would have a night that was one of the best in my life.

I was the third to arrive, and the environment already seemed promising. There was candles, a cross, couches, a bedroom, an inflatable bed and a massage table. It was the perfect environment for this play party.

Every exercise helped ease all my senses, get in touch with my sexual side, rid of all the tenseness in my body, and open up about my fantasies when the time came.

After hearing the fantasies of others, however, I felt better knowing I wasn’t alone and was able to easily share my fantasies, both of which were fulfilled that night.

I can sincerely say that the whole time I was at the party, I never once was pushed into doing anything I didn’t want to. Any issues you could possibly worry about…is covered immensely by Trevor and Rebekah in the circle so that by the time the play party starts you have nothing to worry about.

What ensued was a night that was all I wanted and more. For the first time ever, I actually felt pleasure and felt no remorse or pain. I also enjoyed all the attention I received and was not judged for it.

This party taught me many things. It pushed me out my comfort zone and allowed me to interact with different individuals in a sexual and non-sexual manner. It taught me that sex is not only the unification of two bodies, but also a way to release who you are as a person.

Most importantly, I learned to view sex in a positive light and learned that great sex requires the opening of the mind and full body.

I would recommend a party like this to anyone else who is exploring and genuinely intrigued in sexuality. I would recommend it to anyone trying to become at peace with their body and their desires they might feel ashamed to share it with any partner they may meet in their personal life. I recommend this party to those seeking like-minded individuals that will not judge them for their kinks and fetishes.

I know it is very difficult for people to fully trust events like this when they see it, especially if you are a single woman attending such as myself, but I promise it is worth it.

Trevor and Rebekah ensure that everyone has a good time and all the attendees of this event were sweet and ensured you were enjoying yourself. The activities in the circle as well as the other attendees will help you dig deep into what you truly desire and help you gain the confidence to do it.

Finally, do not come with expectations. I would definitely come to another event, as this event had been a great learning experience for me and became a space where I can be myself. I thank Trevor and Rebekah again for such an amazing experience and look forward to future events in NYC.


Hear from some of our clients. . .


“Rebekah is knowledgeable, skilled in the material and inviting and welcoming of your spirit to step into joy and desire. Working with her is a treasure of an opportunity to move into joy and prosperity.” – Dorian S.



Our Facilitated Events have been a big success…

“I loved the daytime Social. I really didn’t know what to expect. But it was very creative and Rebekah and Trevor did a great job in putting everyone at ease. I enjoyed meeting new friends and hope to go to another daytime social soon.” – M

“Learned and felt alot” – Michael and Lori

“Great night!! Great people!!!:)” – Rose

“Such a great evening!” -JD

“I wanted to express a big Thank You to you guys for putting Saturday’s party together. While the host’s home may have still vibrated with love & pleasure, my own spirit has been doing the same for days….The thanks I offer here is also for facilitating that event that will without question be a monumental occasion in my life….Thanks for being a conduit of serendipity and for encouraging that release of one’s love to another soul… for all that were there. It was a pleasure meeting you and Trevor and sharing the experience.” – D

“Thank you so much for your talk tonight. It was so inspiring, and such a relief that by “pleasure” you meant in every aspect of life. You helped me remember my radiance and beauty” – K. M.

“Before the Desire Course, I had no expectations,. Only hopes that I could get a jump start to making major changes in my life.  I learned that there are things that get me excited! The course is a great way to be heard and learn how to feel at a different level and learn how to expand” – Rosita



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