Twelve Session Transformation Package for Couples


Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and intimacy with our specialized coaching sessions. With over two decades of experience, I offer personalized guidance and support in the realms of sex, intimacy, and relationships. Tailored for women and couples navigating mid-life, these sessions draw on a rich tapestry of knowledge from prestigious institutions such as the Lafayette More House, along with the profound teachings of the Barbara Brennan Energy Healing School and Access Consciousness.
In these coaching sessions, we delve into the intricacies of reconnecting with your sexuality, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships. Whether you’re seeking to reignite passion, navigate life transitions, or enhance overall well-being, our journey together is designed to empower you. Through a combination of proven coaching methodologies and energy healing techniques, we unlock the potential for a more fulfilling and pleasurable life.
Experience a profound shift in your intimate connections and overall satisfaction. It’s time to embrace a life of joy, authenticity, and deeper connections. Let’s embark on this transformative path together.


**What’s Included:**

  1. **Thorough Assessment and Goal Setting:**

– Dive deep into your unique desires and challenges.

– Establish clear, personalized goals for the transformative journey.

  1. **Progressive Insights and Strategies:**

– Receive progressive insights and strategies across each session.

– Navigate challenges and celebrate victories with dedicated support.

  1. **Advanced Skill Development:**

– Develop advanced communication and connection skills.

– Practice exercises designed for profound self-discovery.

  1. **Holistic Approach to Intimacy:**

– Explore the broader impact of well-being on intimate relationships.

– Integrate practices for a balanced and fulfilling life.

  1. **Relationship Dynamics and External Influences:**

– Address the complexities of relationship dynamics.

– Navigate external factors impacting intimacy with expert guidance.

  1. **Long-Term Planning for Sustained Success:**

– Co-create a robust long-term plan for continued growth.

– Discuss strategies for ongoing self-improvement and fulfillment.

  1. **Final Program Review and Celebration:**

– Reflect on the transformative journey.

– Celebrate achievements and set the stage for empowered self-guided growth.


– **Deep Personal Transformation:** Experience profound changes in your personal and intimate life.

– **Enhanced Communication:** Develop advanced communication skills for stronger connections.

– **Lasting Fulfillment:** Build the foundation for sustained fulfillment and happiness.

– **Expert Guidance:** Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Coach throughout the entire journey.

Embark on this transformative 12-session package and pave the way for a more vibrant, connected, and fulfilling intimate life. Your journey to lasting transformation starts here.


Additional information

One Session

In just one session, experience immediate insights and actionable strategies. Address specific concerns, gain clarity, and kickstart positive changes in your intimate life. This focused session sets the foundation for progress, providing you with valuable tools and perspectives.


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