The Art of Sexual Communication Playshop!

Lutz, FL
Saturday, April 4th
Facilitated by MaxAaron Christeann and Rebekah Beneteau

  • Do you want to know how to please every lover, every time?

  • Do you want a better body-image?

  • Would you like more sexual confidence?

  • Would you like to have more pleasure in your sensual life?

This class teaches erotic communication methods that give you all that & MORE! 

No matter how skilled a lover you are, each new partner has different desires and erogenous zones. In this day-long playshop, we will be exploring the different components of pleasurable touch. You will learn sexual communication techniques to give and receive direction in a way that keeps the intimacy flowing, hot and juicy. Discover how to elicit information from a partner that will help you find the right spot and perfect stroke every time, and also how to guarantee you get touched where and how you want to be touched. You will learn Pleasure Hands, otherwise known as Do-ing, a technique for bringing your partner to ecstatic pleasure through manual stimulation.

Class is open to all genders and orientation. During the lab portion, you will have the opportunity to witness, and potentially practice, hands-on.



We’ll be covering:

      1.  What is one-way touch?
      2. The four main components of sexual stroking
      3. Asking for direction from a partner
      4. Giving direction to a partner
      5. The taking touch – their pleasure is your pleasure
      6. The sensual research date
      7. How to pleasure a woman
      8. How to pleasure a man

This is an on-the floor, lab course with experiential exercises throughout. Nudity of participants will be offered later in the day, but is not required. This playshop is open to all genders and orientations, individuals and couples. Whatever you call your genitals, whatever pronoun you use, that will be respected in this space.

Details of location and preparation will be sent to you upon registration.

See what our graduates had to say about the class: HERE

Graduates of this course will be eligible for our ongoing sensual research group, The Rub Club.

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Investment: $275 pp or $500 per couple, for payment plans, please write to support at pleasureevolution dot com

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