Interview With Rebekah Beneteau

Interview With. . . Rebekah Beneteau

Q: How long have you been a Sex and Sensuality Coach and how did you become an expert at connecting people with their pleasure?

A: I started out as an energy healer in 1996. During my training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, I realized that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my sex life, and began a journey to discover what brought me pleasure.  This led to multiple trainings, including a seven-year residency at the Yonkers Morehouse, Sacred Intimacy Training at Shalom Mountain, and other explorations.  In 2012, I began coaching women more directly about their sexuality and relationships, which led to the creation of Pleasure Evolution. In 2014, I started seeing men and couples.

Q: Who are your clients?

A:  I work with men and women who have lost connection to their bodies, their sexual arousal and/or their partners.  My clients are individuals who have achieved a lot in their lives and realize that they still aren’t really gratified or as happy as they want to be.  I am particularly excited about working with couples who are ready for more and better sex, and are looking to think outside the box in their relationship.

Q: How are you different from other Sexuality and Relationship coaches?

A: My training in energy medicine allows me to not only work with people’s beliefs and thoughts, I also work with their energetic system to release trauma, and integrate the new information and beliefs into their system. I am able to help couples clear the emotional baggage which prevents them from desiring each other, AND teach sexual practices that allow them to connect more deeply.

Q: What kind of personality do you work best with?

A: I work best with people who understand that their life is their own creation. When we take 100% responsibility, we can effect real change and achieve everything we desire. I work well with people who are ready to embrace pleasure as a path of growth and transformation.

Q: What kind of personality or client do you NOT work well with?

A:  If you are really attached to your stories about how the world is, and how you have been done wrong, we won’t be a good mix. I don’t FIX my clients.  I model for them acceptance, tolerance and self-love, and create an environment for them to make their own choices and create their own outcomes.

Q: How do you work?  What can I expect?

A: In order to guarantee that we can make lasting change, I prefer to work in committed intervals either weekly or semi-monthly, for an initial period of two months. I find that at this point, clients see transformation in their connection to themselves and their partners, and we can then re-evaluate the level of support that they desire.

You will be expected to call me at our appointment time over the phone, google hang outs or Skype and also get assignments to do between our calls. Many people choose to renew and we keep working on new things that come up.

Q: Do you ever work in person?

A: Sessions are available in person in Asheville, or by appointment in other cities. For example, a couple may engage me to come to their hometown to conduct a weekend intensive.

Q: Can I just sign up for one session with you?

A:  I’ve found that the most effective way for us to work together is to build a relationship of consistency and open communication, just like the one you want to build with your current or future partner. However, I will work with clients who complete the interview process on a per session basis in my Seeker program.

Q: Does this really work?

A: I have transformed my own life by learning and using the techniques I am going to teach you. I’ve seen countless people come into their power through accessing their authentic sexuality.

Q: What results can I expect?

A: You can expect to feel greater self-love and appreciation for your body, more clarity about and acceptance of your sexual desires, and better communication with partners or prospective partners. Many clients find a partner for the first time in a while, experience renewed desire for their partners, and start having more satisfying and frequent sex.

Q: Why do I need you?  Can’t I just do this on my own?

A: You can probably do it on your own. But chances are, if you have read this far, you haven’t done it yet.  We all need a cheerleader and a mentor when we are learning something new, someone who has already walked the path before you.  Particularly in the area of relationships, we all have some mediocre role models.

Q: I’m really busy and overwhelmed.  How much time is involved before I get results?

A: That depends on what you want to accomplish, and how much time you are willing to devote to your pleasure. The call is an hour, and the homework takes as little or as much time as you are willing to spend. If you are busy and overwhelmed, you are probably doing a lot of stuff already that doesn’t bring you pleasure, and we would work on that.

Q: How can I get the very best results fast?

A: Since we are pursuing the path of pleasure, speed isn’t the goal, fun is. People often start experiencing results after their very first session. Be open, be willing, be honest, do the assignments that are suggested and you will get the most out of my programs.

Q: Will I see a return on my investment?

A: Absolutely. Many women have achieved significant goals such as; their first orgasm with a partner in six years, the healing of communication in a marriage, or meeting a new partner. I see my male clients gain confidence in their ability to communicate with and pleasure a woman. Couples learn new tools for negotiation, and are able to reach agreements on relationship style and sexual expression that make room for everybody’s needs.  I’m committed to your transformation if you are.

Q:  I’ve never invested in myself like this before.  How can I justify this expense?

A: What is it costing you now, to live with dissatisfaction? How much energy and thought are you giving to your unhappiness or fantasies about what “could” be?  How much money are you spending on things to numb out your feelings of loneliness, or despair?  How much will a divorce attorney cost you? A gratified woman can move mountains.  She lights up everything she touches, her family, her work, her friends. A happy couple is more productive and creative. From this place, you will even make more money and enjoy what you do to earn it.  I know that you are worth it.

Q: If I’m not quite ready to get started, is there a way to sample your work?

A: Before working with anyone, I talk with them at a complimentary half hour Gratified Life Discovery Session. We will get a chance to sample each other and see if we are a good fit.

Q: I have a few questions for you.  Can I talk with you on the phone?

A: During your Gratified Life Discovery Session, you will be able to ask me anything that you want to know.

Q:  I have experienced sexual trauma, can you work with that?

A: Two out of three women have experienced some form of sexual trauma or abuse.  I do work with that, and the energy healing is a very effective tool for lifting memories out of the body, mind and soul.

Q: I really want to work with you, but money is an issue, do you ever give discounts?

A: I believe money should not be the obstacle to you having a fully expressed sexual life. If you need assistance, please ask during your Gratified Life Discovery Session. We may be able to work out a frequency of sessions that works within your budget.


My clients typically experience the following:

  • Greater feelings of self-esteem and self-love
  • Greater clarity about what they enjoy, and what they want
  • More connection to pleasurable sensations in their body
  • More success meeting and communicating with potential partners
  • Better and more frequent feelings of arousal and orgasms
  • Expanded permission from themselves to embody their sexuality, including experiments with kink, and alternative relationship styles such as polyamory or swinging

If you’ve ever wondered if you or your wife need female Viagra, this is an all-natural solution to amplifying your turn-on. I believe that what you focus on grows.  By investing in your pleasure and gratification, you will become more confident, more radiant, and more self-expressed in all areas of your life.

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