The Hero in the Garden is for anyone who loves women

Being in relationship with a woman can be exhilarating, empowering, frustrating, confusing, and sometimes downright exhausting.  That’s because you can’t fall in love with a woman and then be surprised that she doesn’t act like a gentleman.

By coaching with me, you can:

  • Learn new ways of communicating with women
  • Examine your beliefs about women in general, your particular women and what it means to be in a relationship
  • Learn about the female psyche and how to understand how she thinks
  • identify the needs and desires you have for your sex life.
  • Discover inner obstacles to having a gratifying love life, and move through them
  • Get new skills and techniques  for relating to your partner in a way that gets both of your needs, including sexual desires, met,
  • Learn how to talk womanese.  What does she really mean when she says those things?
  • What to do when your woman won’t talk
  • How to seduce a woman into fun
  • What to do about libido imbalance
  • How to show up in a way that inspires her to trust and surrender to you and her own passionate nature.
  • Cultivate your own surrender to pleasure in your relationship
  • How to embody the male quality of presence
  • How to slow down and smell the flowers in the garden while still staying productive and on task.
  • Managing in the face of feminine anger
  • Wooing and romancing your woman
  • How to relate to your own body so that when you come to her with offers for sex, she feels like she wants to do it, not has to do it
  • Explanations and training in successfully navigating polyamory, meeting new romantic and sexual partners
  • Exploration and Training in BDSM techniques if desired
  • Learn lovemaking techniques guaranteed to bring out a woman’s pleasure and leave you feeling like a Hero!

Single Sessions for healing or coaching via webcam or in person - $300 per 50 minute session

Single 50 minute Session for BDSM training or Sacred Intimacy - $350

Access Bars and/or Body Process Six Pack ( a 10% savings over single sessions) - $1620

SI Six Pack (a 10% discount over single session investment - $1890

Hero in the Garden Unlimited $2500 for 6 months, up to 1 50-minute in person, zoom or phone per week

Hero Plus (Includes live bodywork)
$3200 for six months of sessions up to one hour per week

Know that my Christmas is filled with pleasurable memories of you helping me awaken to my own sexual energy, to embrace this and to enjoy pleasuring myself today. You have given me the gift that keeps on giving.