I became a Sex and Relationship Coach through a twisty-turny, yet inevitable, path. There are several main components of that path.

1) My personal recovery
I was 8 years old when an adult man introduced me to his sexuality. The result was a separation from my own body, and a lack of joy in sexuality that went on for many years. When I reclaimed this part of my life through therapy, workshops and spiritual search, I found my power.

2) My temperament
From a young age, I had an interest in and comfort with both sex and spirituality. Rumor has it that I was a toddler when I discovered the Playboy magazines in my Dad’s nightstand. When asked what I was doing, I reportedly said, “I like the tushies.”

3) A Calling from Spirit
While working on a client as as energy healer, I recognized that the energy I was experiencing running through my body and into hers, was similar to what I felt when I had an orgasm. And I was filled with the knowing that our sexuality is the body’s joy at feeling itself. Not only that, it represents our life force. When we confine, neglect, or negate the connection to our body and our eroticism, we have less access to our power. When we own our pleasure and embody it fully, we have more health, ease and power in all areas of our lives.





For those of you who are interested in where I studied to become the Healer, Coach and Teacher that I am:

Bachelor’s Degree – University of Pennsylvania
Certification in Energy Healing – Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Ordination – Non-Denominational Minister – Sanctuary of the Beloved Church, Sacred Order of Melchidezek
Level 1 and 2 – Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Training
Lafayette Morehouse – Non residential student since 1996. Courses taken include multiple Basic Sensuality, Communication, Advanced Sensuality, Man/Woman, Fundamentals of Sensuality & Orgasm Demo, The Hexing Course, also Jealousy, Money and Possessions, Third Mansion, The Cause Course, Manual Stimulation of the Human Nervous System, Sunday with Cindy – the Crimp, Love for Sale – Half Price. Residential Student 2001 – 2007 in the Yonkers Morehouse MSD program
Sexuality and Spirituality – Shalom Mountain
Sacred Intimates Training – Cristian Graca and Vyana Bergen
Forte Femme – Women’s Dominance Training with Midori
Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner Certification
Competent Communicator, Competent Leader – Toastmasters International

And then there’s my personal work. I fully believe you can not help others in areas where you have your own blind spots. I have been in therapy multiple times, in different modalities, including Core Energetics, EMDR, Freudian and Jungian. I have first-hand experience with 12 Step recovery, in multiple programs.


We tend to define ourselves by so many things that aren’t real or true. They are labels we put on to give context and meaning. Who or what I am is dependent on situations. I am a comedian, an educator, a Priestess. I am a member of several families. I am a friend.

Most of all, I am a Being of light, energy, space and consciousness. I am one divine cell in the body of the Universe. I am one thread in the tapestry of life. I am a note in the Song of Life.

And so are you. Without you to embody the unique Being that you are, the song is incomplete, the needlepoint missing a vital strand of color, the Song unfinished.

If you are ready to Be all that you were born to be, I want to work with you. Because your power is in your pleasure, and your pleasure is my passion.

A woman. . .

A mom

a daughter

A Being of Light

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