My fortune cookie today said “The wise crow paints his feather black.”  I pondered this for a while.  What I came up with is this, that it is wisdom to portray yourself as who you actually are.  What do you think?  In my younger years, I spent a lot of time making myself up, and I don’t just mean applying eye shadow.  I tended to invent who I was and hope you bought it.  I projected confidence, when inside I was insecure and frightened.  I played the siren, because I wanted you to like me.

In truth, I wanted to be someone else.  I thought of myself as a peacock, brightly colored, showy, loud.  I wanted to be a swan like my childhood friend Suzanne, all cool tones, and quiet dignity. And then I started to reclaim my connection to my sexuality. I also had something called a Presentation, which is a course that Lafayette Morehouse teaches where you argue for three hours about everything that is wrong with you and your life, and they convince you that you’re perfect, it’s all perfect.  You don’t get to leave the room until you get it.  And then you have earned the right to wear a More Sign to remind you of your perfection.

After that, I realized that I wasn’t expected to be anything other than who I was, and do it to the best of my ability.  I started to love being a peacock. I found my passion for sex, and I found my passion for my  life.  I started to claim my unique gift, and I’m excited to be offering it to others. Time and again, my clients tell me that they love the example I set of being comfortable in my body, accepting of my sexuality, and of yours.

Know what kind of bird you are, show off your unique plumage and watch your life soar.

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