Vision for Your Future Special

Welcome to the topsy turvy world of COVID 19. While the stresses may be great, so are the opportunities.

Would you like a perspective shift?
Are you interested in seeing what power and potency may be available for you now?
Would you like to be witnessed where you are, while being reminded that you can choose something else?

Energy healing and processing can make huge shifts in your awareness, leading to breakthroughs in your physical reality. I wanted to make it possible for more people to work with me, to assist YOU in finding whatever you seek. Several people took advantage of the April special pricing, and it was amazing. We got A LOT done very quickly. And I got a new awareness of what worked.

May is my birthday month, and you are getting the gift. Buy one, get two free! Yes, that’s three sessions for the price of one. Use them all in one week. Or one per week for three weeks. Or one per month for three months.

This special will go on throughout May only in honor of my birthday, however you can use them anytime in the next six months.

Half hours and hours available. Coaching, Energy Healing and Facilitation only. Sacred Intimacy sessions regular price. Times available days, evenings and weekends.

Three half-hour sessions
1 payment of $100
3 weekly payments of $35

Three hour-long sessions
One payment of $200
3 weekly payments of $70


Sex and Intimacy Coaching

During those sessions currently offered over phone or zoom you can:

  • Shed old conditioning around “appropriate” sexuality
  • Embrace desires for the same sex, or the opposite sex, or multiple partners
  • Uncover what truly arouses you and become empowered to experience it
  • Explore power exchange or role play
  • Talk about your desires for alternative relationship styles such as polyamory or swinging
  • Overcome sexual trauma and it’s aftereffects
  • Gain body confidence or sexual confidence through education and training
  • Learn to communicate needs and desires in relationship
  • Energy healing for sexual vitality as well as for reversing premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction

Not sure, if sex coaching is right for you? Sign up for a free half hour Gratified Life Discovery Session Here.

Already excited? Are you a Hell Yes! to embracing your sexually empowered and authentic life? Let me accompany you on your journey. A mentor makes it so much easier and faster.

Here is what one client had to say:

“While working with Rebekah I have learned much, not the least of which is that she is a tremendous coach.   With regard to specific successes, I became reacquainted with manners of self-touch that had fallen by the wayside.  I discovered for only the second time that soft, delicate touch is incredibly erotic and pleasurable.

I also learned to voice my wants and desires, and to frame them in terms of what I need.  And to do so because it’s natural, because I deserve it, and because it is the only way to communicate with my partner.  How else would my partner know these things?  Plus, I deserve to be heard. I learned to give voice to what I don’t want sexually.  This was a big step.  In the past I would always defer to my partner.  For the first time with Rebekah’s coaching, I gave voice to what I did not want, and it went very well.  Rebekah helped me find my voice sexually.  How’s that for a success? – Mary Lou G.

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