Online Being Social Mar 12


Leaders: Rebekah and friends
Location:  Online via zoom

Where ever you live you are welcome to join our community of Pleasure Evolutionaries for an evening that will bring together people for fun, support, and deepening friendships. The structured authentic relating games make it easy to get to know people, and be seen yourself. The conversation ranges from deep and touching to candid and hilarious.This group is now clothing optional. Dress however you like, including nothing at all.


Are you curious about social nudism? This is a clothing optional NON PERMISSIVE event. The invitation is to show up and BE, whoever you are and however you feel, because we set a tone of total acceptance. What does it mean to live with love as an intention?


Intimacy is more than just physical touch or sexual appetite. Your soul and your heart want connection too. That’s why Pleasure Evolution hosts our bi-weekly “Being Social”: a communal event crafted to foster the love we feel for ourselves and the connections we feel with others.

Being Socials have a structured conversational format. They consist of communication games and activities that encourage authenticity and emotional transparency, and whether you’re quiet and shy or raunchy and kinky, this judgement-free space can help you build social skills and confidence. In addition to baring our souls, we are not inviting you to bare the rest of you. This is a clothing optional event. Dress however you like.

Come join our tribe of Pleasure Evolutionaries, where Love is an Intention. Because now, more than ever, it’s vital that we remember: We are all connected.The zoom format will bring together people from beyond your town for fun, support, and deepening friendships. WEBCAM REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION. THOSE ON A PURE PHONE CONNECTION WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE ROOM.

The only expectation is to show up and BE. Whoever you are, however you feel, this is a space of total acceptance. The gathering follows a structured conversational format. Facilitated by Sex and Relationship Coach and Healer, Rebekah Beneteau of Pleasure Evolution (and friends).

Join us for an evening of communication games that make it fun to give and receive attention. You can meet new people who are interested in heart-felt sharing. You can also learn more about the friends you already have! Come meet our tribe of Pleasure Evolutionaries, interested in emotional transparency and creating a world where Love is an Intention. Non-judgmental, from vanilla to kinky, come be yourself. Participants range from quiet and shy to outgoing and inquisitive.

Being Socials allow you to experience love in a new way. You will gain social skills and confidence. You can make new friends and lovers. The conversations are structured but candid, from raunchy and hilarious to deep and touching. Here you are invited to BE yourself without judgment!

A private message will be sent with the log in details once you pay

Reminder that RSVP’s are on many sites, so don’t let low replies turn you away. Newcomers must arrive on time, we will close doors at 7:15.

Because we are building connection, a webcam is required to participate

Loneliness is a choice. Connection is a choice. They can ask us to stay home, but nothing can isolate us. See you there!