Banishing the Demons of Addiction


Online live August 22nd at 7pm EST

During this 1 hour online class, we will be bringing up AND CLEARING the energies of unwillingness, anger, hopelessness, defiance, and hypersensitivity. And anything else that you feel drives you to act out in addictive ways. I’ll use a potent energy process to banish these destructive thoughts and emotions that keep you going back to a losing behavior again and again.


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Addiction – the fact or condition of being dependent on a particular substance, thing, or activity

  • Are you struggling with letting go of unhealthy habits?
  • Do you find yourself going back to alcohol, drugs, sex, food, work, shopping, or emotions like anger, EVEN though you experience destructive results?
  • Are you already sober physically, but find yourself plagued with cravings and obsessive or compulsive thinking?
  • Are you seeking more serenity and peace of mind on a daily basis?

Join me for this online conversation where I will be revealing tools and techniques to support your quest for physical AND emotional sobriety.

You get:

  • Live Class via zoom (with time for your questions)
  • Video Recording of the class for you to download
  • mp3 recording of the class
  • Audio clearing loop of all the energy processes used during class
  • PDF of the clearings

Aren’t you tired of being a puppet?