Freedom of Being Energy Meditation (Zoom)


Join me on zoom for our monthly group energy healing to create more ease, joy and glory in your life. Would you like to quiet the monkey mind? How does having access to more of your potency sound? This month, the theme is having more of You in the bedroom. What is the reality you would like to be living? Let’s dissolve the blocks to having it. Not even sure what you desire? What would it take for you to become aware? Let’s explore and expand together.

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Lie back, relax, and receive this guided meditation and energy transmission that will allow you to inhabit more of who you truly Be. Each month, we will have a different theme for the process, which lasts about half an hour. Recordings are available to all participants to enjoy over and over. While you relax, I am working on your energy field to help you have more serenity, more potency, and more well-being in your body and mind. You can even release physical pain, and illness. For more on Energy Healing, go here.

Free for members of the Orgasmic Living Club.

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