Being Social – Asheville March 5 2020

$12.00 $10.50

Leader: Cassie M
Location: North Asheville
If you choose to pay at the door, you must be rsvp’ed on Meetup at this link

Being Socials are a fun way to meet new people, and get to know your friends even better. The invitation is to show up and BE, whoever you are and however you feel, because we set a tone of total acceptance. Like a party, but with structure, the communication games we play give you an opportunity to give and receive attention, and create surprising intimacy. From candid and hilarious, to deep and touching, each Being Social follows the same structure but is created by the people who are there. Come and play with us.

Note: at a Being Social, participants sometimes share intimate details of their lives. If you are not comfortable hearing open and honest sharing on topics that are important to people, you might not enjoy a Being Social. You are never required to talk about anything you don’t want to, because one of our guiding principles is “We honor your right to think and feel as you do.”

We ask you to bring something for the refreshment table.
Cost is $12 at the door, $10.50 in advance

Start: March 5, 2020 From: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Being Social - Asheville March 5 2020 #1




Our popular evening of Authentic Relating games make it easy to get to know people.
Leader: Cassie M.
Location: North Asheville
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