Being Sexualness


Access Consciousness® defines Sexualness as “Looking good, feeling good, and strutting your stuff.” How might your life change if your released yourself from judgment, and limitation about your body, and what the body desires for pleasure? The energy of orgasm is your life force, and with it, you become more power in the bedroom and beyond. Read more below.

Longer sessions available by request.

Also available – Abuse Hold which can be particularly helpful to those wishing to go beyond sexual abuse.

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Have you felt limited in your expression of sexual desire and expression? Would you like your body to function with more ease, joy, stamina or potency, particularly in bed? Is your libido (desire) asleep, or unsatisfied? Are you curious about what kink and tantra are, or want to learn more about giving and receiving pleasure?

In these sessions, I combine the tools and body processes of Access Consciousness® with techniques of tantra, kink, and anatomy education to give you more access to the pleasure of your body and the radiance of your being.

What else is possible in your intimate life with yourself, and others?


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