Advanced Non-Monogamy Week 6


This is week 6 of the Advanced Non-Monogamy six week series. Learn practical tools, powerful reframes, and engage in a community of support, assisting both new and experienced folks to build the connections you long for. It is specifically designed for people who are committed to the idea of open or non-monogamous relationships but are struggling with the day-to-day realities.

The theme of this class is  The Six Big Fights and How to Stop Trying to Win Them

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Start: August 18, 2020 From: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Advanced Non-Monogamy Week 6 #1



Love is great. More love is even better. Right?
Sex is great. More sex is even better. Right?
People are great. More people are even better. Right? Maybe? Occasionally, but there is also an awful lot of processing.

Many people share the ideal of loving and/or enjoying sex with multiple people. And…
Embracing polyamory, opening an existing relationship, or exploring the swinger lifestyle can be challenging, triggering, and risky. People are complicated. We all have different ideals, desires, pacing, and comfort levels. Love, fantasy, safety, sex, power, and belonging are all particularly vulnerable areas to explore and discuss. The more people you add to the equation the more difficult it is to navigate our differences.

Despite the challenges, it is possible to create mutual, playful, heartfelt, and nourishing connections with many wonderful people. But none of us are born with the skills to navigate these kinds of non-traditional relationships, they must be acquired somewhere along the way.

Would you like practical tools, powerful reframes, and a community of support to help you build the connections you long for? This class is for people who are committed to the idea of open or non-monogamous relationships but are struggling with the day-to-day realities. Participants will come away with a better understanding of themselves and their partners. We will explore new ways to think and talk honestly about what’s going on in your heart, mind and body. With a deeper understanding of the challenges in non-monogamous relationships, we’ll discuss ways to navigate our individual feelings and shared experiences in a blame-free way – where everyone’s heart is taken care of and no one is wrong or at fault. This is your chance to be heard, accepted, and appreciated regardless of your experience or comfort level and come away with new confidence and solidity in yourself and your relationship(s).

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The two hour live zoom call will cover the theme of The Six Big Fights and How to Stop Trying to Win Them, and includes time for discussion, problem-solving, and practice. Details of how to connect will be sent to your email after you register. Please add to your accepted senders so you don’t miss it.

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Giles Carwyn is a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator and Coach who specializes in men’s sexuality. He co-created the Eros Work and the Men’s Sexual Shadow Transformation Weekends and is pursuing his certification as a somatic sex educator and sexological bodyworker. He is also a novelist, screenwriter, father, and has been in open and polyamorous relationships for the past 30 years.

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