Intimacy Coaching for Couples

Do you want to take  your communication and intimacy skills to a new level? Are you frustrated, bored, or down-right fed up with your partner?  Whether you are on the verge of separation,trying to revive a long term relationship, or ready to take an already good relationship to new levels of intimacy and sexual satisfaction, I can help you. This program is right for you if you are suffering from:

  • Libido imbalance where one partner wants sex more than the other
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Anger
  • Loss of intimacy following the birth of a baby, illness, or aging
  • Boredom
  • BDSM negotiation and training
  • Navigating relationship changes from exclusive to open or vice versa

If you are desiring more or better sex, and more love in your couple you can benefit from couples intimacy coaching.

In addition, I have several adjunct male practitioners who can be brought in for specialized education in tantra and sex techniques.

Single 50 minute sessions are available, as well as a discounted six pack to allow you to really sink in to our work together. This way, each of you can have individual sessions as needed, as well as couples sessions. Rebekah Unlimited for Couples allows you to have unlimited half-hour and fifty minute sessions either as individuals or a couple for twelve whole months!

Gratified couples CTA

Wondering if sex and intimacy coaching can improve or save your relationship? Get a free 45 minute phone consult.

Single Sessions for healing or coaching via webcam or in person - $300 per 50 minute session

Access Bars and/or Body Process Six Pack ( a 10% savings over single sessions) - $1620

The Couples Unlimited - 12 months of scheduling as many sessions for you individually or as a couple. $3300

My husband and I have a great marriage – 30 years strong! That said, we are always interested in how to make our relationship even better. We stumbled on Pleasure Evolution and some of Rebekah’s eclectic offerings about a year ago. By far our favorites have been Being Socials, Pillow Talk and Sex Magic (we got a small intro to that at one of their Frolicon events). Together these fun, educational and downright sexy events have increased our ability to communicate, respond and more fully enjoy each other as intimate partners. New sexual territory also meant some trial and error but we had a safety net in Rebekah and her former partner, and they helped us navigate those new feelings successfully. The confidential safety net they create at events encourages attendees to freely express whatever comes up so those issues can be discussed and understood. Confidentiality is also a priority for them. Oh, and we also have SO much fun with them and co-attendees. Rebekah encourages and creates a space for authentic, honest sexual expression. So, thanks to them we are living life even larger than we thought possible and are still discovering new ways to express our sexuality. (edited slightly)

Becky and John