The Two “Rules” of Life

  1. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do
  2. Do what gets your panties wet

I’m sure other people will tell you other rules. These are the ones I do my best to live by. And it is a constantly evolving thing to realize how often I forget my own motto. I do things to be nice. I do things because I said I would. I stop myself from doing things because I don’t want to stand out, or I want to fit in.

This week, I did something very unusual for me. I cancelled the Femme Domme Roundtable, even though there was someone signed up. And I rescheduled the Steamroom, because I got that the energy of the class was looking for a different format. In the past, I probably would have held the class for one person, in an attempt to be consistent and reliable. Blurgh. Where have I made it valuable to be consistent? What if change is the choice required that would make everything that much greater? I became aware that running the Femme Domme group wasn’t lighting me up anymore. So I took the future dates off the calendar too. I was willing to shift gears.

Live in 10 Second Increments

There is a great Access Consciousness® book called The Ten Keys to Total Freedom. One of the Ten Keys is to Live in 10 Second Increments. Imagine that any choice you made only had to last for 10 seconds. Now you get to choose again. You could indulge in hating your spouse deeply and passionately for 10 seconds, and then be done with it. Instead, we usually try to stuff the feeling, cover it over, pretend we don’t have it, and hope it goes away. But it never does. It’s lurking right below the surface, waiting for the next thing they do that pisses you off. I could have chosen to stick with the classes the way I set them up. As soon as I chose differently, the energy lightened up. The registered participants in the Steamroom were happy with the new dates. And I promptly got two client sessions, and the idea for a new online class! How does it get better than that? Pleasure attracts money. NOT WORK. Your pleasure attracts partners.

Being Willing to Quit

Are you a card carrying member of the do or die club? I certainly have been. I used to blame it on being a Taurus. Never give in, never give up. I have been Sisyphus, rolling that boulder uphill over and over. In relationships. In friendships. With jobs. I had being persistent so right, that I was unwilling to be intermittent. I was unwilling to shift gears, go slower or faster, or even turn left!  Are you seeing the trap here? I was ignoring all the other choices available, because I was in a conclusion that you always have to finish what you start.

That’s why it’s a big deal that I cancelled those classes. I knew that the Steam Room wanted a different format. I followed the energy and took my own advice to do what made my panties wet, and the result has been more money, and more ease.

I’m about to do a deep dive into the Ten Keys, particularly as they relate to Relationships. Would you like to join me? Learn more about the upcoming Freedom in Relationships web class here.

Buying the book isn’t necessary, however you can do that here.



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