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Once upon a time …

in the suburban village known as Kew Gardens there lived a youngish woman, we’ll call her Reba. Reba had many friends and was admired for her adventurous spirit and her insatiable curiosity about the world around her. She was deeply loved by her young daughter, not quite so well-loved by her dishonest husband, and her magnetic charm drew people toward her.

One day, as the moonlight poured through the bedroom window, with her satiated husband beside her, Reba found herself on edge, unsatisfied, and in a contemplative mood. She began to ponder about her own desires and the realm of intimacy that existed between couples. While her sex life up to now had been frequent and often energetic, she had a feeling more was possible.

Reba’s curiosity got the best of her, and she decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery. She realized that understanding her own body and desires was crucial for enhancing her sexual satisfaction and creating a fulfilling connection with a potential partner. Armed with determination and an open heart, she set out on her quest.

She started by researching and attending workshops designed to expand her sexual potential. She read novels and visited adult toy shops, always wondering what other people found fulfilling. She learned about human anatomy, arousal, and the intricacies of intimacy. Reba’s diligent pursuit of knowledge led her to a newfound understanding of herself. She discovered new erogenous zones, learned about the importance of communication, and unearthed the power of self-confidence.

As Reba delved deeper into her journey, she also began to explore her own body through self-exploration. She discovered what brought her pleasure and what resonated with her on a physical and emotional level. This self-awareness not only enhanced her own sense of confidence but also allowed her to communicate her desires more effectively when the time came.

Reba’s personal growth did not go unnoticed by the villagers. They admired her courage and determination to break down societal barriers and explore her own identity. Her journey inspired conversations and a newfound openness within her community. People began to ask her for her advice.

She continued her explorations, always expanding what she would allow herself to enjoy. Although her marriage eventually ended, it was a good thing, because it freed her to become someone new. She had other relationships. With each one, she gained more knowledge and self- confidence. She made mistakes, chose partners wisely, and not so wisely. In her heart, she was still looking for The One to complete her and let her know she was lovable.

One winter day, Reba realized she was no longer looking for The One. She was The One. She knew she was lovable. When she looked in the mirror, her own body was a source of joy to her, not a disappointment.

Now Reba knows what she likes and how to communicate it to a partner. She might not have as much sex with others as in the past, because she isn’t willing to settle for less than full pleasure and connection. And when she does feel the attraction,s he knows how to ask for what she wants.  Her self-assuredness and vulnerability attracts some people and scares others and she’s okay with that. Even when she has no partner, her self-exploration gives her a fulfilling sex life.

Reba’s story is spreading way beyond the village, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. The once-taboo subject is becoming a source of empowerment and connection, fostering healthier relationships and a more open-minded community.

From the not so tiny hamlet of New York City and with the help of the internet, Reba’s quest for self-discovery not only enhanced her own sexual satisfaction but also ignited a spark of transformation that touched the lives of many, proving that embracing one’s desires and being true to oneself can lead to a more fulfilling and enriching life journey.


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